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  ROLLING HILLS CATHOLIC SCHOOL's 3rd and 4th grade years focus on emphasizing strong academics, increasing individual responsibility for learning, and expanding opportunities for leadership and service.

  These intermediate years at RHCS begin to provide the necessary tools to prepare our students to enter the demanding environment of the  middle school program. 3rd and 4th grade teachers understand the transitional nature of both academic and social development in these grade levels, and continue to use personal attention and nurturing encouragement to help students develop their faith, problem-solving, critical thinking skills, character, and social responsibility.

 By receiving team support from our teaching staff, RCHS 3rd and 4th grade students are supported in their efforts to become reliable, responsible and independent learners. Charity, respect for others, an active faith life, and hard work are foundation skills that will last a lifetime.

  As the curriculum in these grades continues to challenge students to reach higher academic levels, it also teaches confidence through opportunities in academic competitions, athletics, public speaking and the arts. Core subjects expand further into literature studies, creative writing, formal grammar instruction, mental math and solving equations, world cultures and geography, and reading analyses and comprehension. A successful 3rd or 4th grader will become a self-motivated learner by showing initiative toward his or her studies and homework.

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3rd and 4th Grades