PreK 3 through 5th Grade                              6th through 8th Grade

5th Grade

 5th grade RHCS students compete in the annual Science Fair and the PSIA and CAAC competitions.They are also expected, as the senior students in the elementary school, to set a good example for the younger children by being active participants in our weekly Mass, by demonstrating Christ-like behavior and love towards others, and by being worthy leaders for the younger students to follow.

  ROLLING HILLS CATHOLIC SCHOOL's 5th grade students are in their final year of elementary education. They are encouraged to excel academically, to develop and pursue their own talents, to build community through their own initiative, and to take an active role in their own development.

  5th grade students are on the cusp of  immense social and intellectual growth. Our educators, rooted in a love of Jesus Christ and the development of virtue, guide and support each 5th grade student through a rigorous academic program in order to best prepare them for the middle school years which lie ahead.

  Taking on many important roles at RHCS, including the Matachinas Dance at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass, participating in the Christmas play, 5th graders also serve as leaders in our choir at Mass on Friday mornings. 

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