Kinder to 2nd Grade

At ROLLING HILLS CATHOLIC SCHOOL we pay diligent attention to each student in Kindergarten through 2nd grade, as this is the period in which many new academic skills are introduced.

Good habits and attitudes are formed in these early school years and remain through adulthood. RHCS cultivates honesty, dedication, cheerfulness, reverence, and perseverance, while students explore and discover their individuality. Excellence in reading and writing is a priority, with a phonics-based language arts program that builds phonemic awareness, listening, viewing, and speaking skills.

​Our Catholic faith is a always a part of an RHCS education and our 2nd graders receive specific formation to prepare them for their First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. Students and their teachers share in these sacraments together and joyfully discover the blessings that come from participating in our faith community.


As students learn to read and write, they begin to develop crucial study habits such as learning to take notes in class, copying from the board, and maintaining basic homework schedules. Combined with a strong math curriculum, the success our students have in reading, writing, and speaking will launch them into the exciting world of other core subjects, including literature, history, science, geography, and the arts. 

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